My May TBR

How is it May already? March dragged so much and then April seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. No one needs me to tell them how strange the past few months have been. I’m under quarantine until at least June as I have an underlying health condition and have mostly been staying inside, which in fairness suits me anyway as I’m (like most bookworms) something of a homebody!

As I’ll be spending a lot of time going no further than my garden (which I’m very lucky to have) I’ve planned a pretty ambitious TBR for May. In April I read 19 books which is the same as I read in March. Which is great! However, I had been hoping to get a bit more done given that I’m at home all the time. So this month I’d like to hit at least 20. Whether that’s a possibility, who knows! If you want to know more about how I pick my TBR, check out this page.

What book am I most looking forward to: this post is late and as such I’ve already started on my TBR, having read Aurora Burning. I’ll post my thoughts on that later in the week! Other than that I’m really looking forward to rereading The Diviners and finishing that series, and also to reading Any Human Heart which I’ve been meaning to read forever.

What book am I intimidated by: it’s probably not surprising that I’m super-intimidated to read Anna Karenina 1. because it’s a chonk of a book and 2. because it’s a translated classic. I don’t know why this happens as I felt the same way about Adam Bede last month and I ended up loving it (though in fairness it wasn’t translated). I’m also intimidated in the sense that it might slow me down and while reading isn’t all about speed, it is nice to make it through books at a clip when you own 600+ that you haven’t read and you’re running out of room!

Stray notes: Bodily Harm is the fifth book for What the Bookclub Read which is a book club run by What Victoria Read on Youtube currently reading through the fiction back catalogue of Margaret Atwood. I read Edible Women, Surfacing, and Lady Oracle for this, and DNF’d Life Before Man. Honestly, I haven’t been thrilled by any of the early books for this, but I know I like some of Atwood’s later work so I’m still enjoying being part of the club and I’m looking forward to her less straightforwardly litfic works. The Diviners quartet replaces the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series on my list as the last book in the latter seems to have got lost in the post to me and now won’t be with my until July.

What’s on your TBR for May?

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