This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading…

Colour photograph of a stack of books on a white wicker chair, with a cushion showing Roald Dahl's character Matilda on it. The stack of books is, top to bottom, "Children of Blood and Bone", "My Life Next Door", "Anger is a Gift", and "Dodger".
My TBR for The Book Junkie Trials

This week has been a busy one! I had a lot to write for my thesis but I’ve caught up and feel less behind now. I also had a super fun day researching at my placement, and spent some time with my partner as it was his birthday šŸ™‚ but enough about that! Here’s my week in books:


  • World After: I enjoyed the first one in this series, but I have to say this one kind of dragged. I am not super invested in the plot, and the writing deteriorated a bit too. I often felt like it was disjointed, like I’d skipped a page and the plot had jumped? The disability rep can be a bit problematic too – I don’t know what experience Ee has with either schizophrenia or physical disability requiring wheelchair use, but there’s just something a bit… off about it. IN SAYING THAT: the humour, which I loved in the first one, is still very much there, and I will still finish the series.
  • The History and Theory of Informed Consent: only interesting if you want me to bore you to death about my thesis, which you don’t.
  • Then He Ate my Boy Entrancers: this is probably my least favourite GN book yet, mostly because of the America trip that takes up like the first third of the book. Probably my least favourite G is when she’s making fun of national stereotypes because it gets old really fast. Also we’re getting firmly into Masimo territory which I don’t care for either. Also: NOT ENOUGH DAVE THE LAUGH. My Magpie Memories series on these books starts on Monday, so obviously I’ve read ahead, but hopefully you enjoy.


  • End of Days: so far not convincing me that it’s resolved the problems of the second. I’m honestly struggling to get through it, which is a pity.
  • Rivers of London: I’ve read this before, but hoping to catch up with the series this time. I have to say, the misogyny in this is really pretty grating. I can’t remember a ton about the plot, so I’ll see how I feel; I already own the next two and I’d like to give them a go if I don’t find them too off-putting.
  • Startled By His Furry Shorts: more GN nonsense.


  • I’m participating in The Book Junkie Trials in July! This might be the coolest readathon I’ve ever seen. Rachael Marie, who’s running it, has put SO much effort into the whole thing. Basically, you sign up to one of four teams – Scribe, Mage, Bard, or Outlaw, and complete four prompts, in order. You then have to complete the Bookie Grail, which is a group read of Stardust OR, if you’ve read Stardust, you get to pick a book about an adventure to find something lost. The above photo is my TBR for the Scribe team. I’m reading Stardust, but as I’ve read it before, I decided to ALSO choose a book about an adventure to find something lost: Sky Song.
  • I will also be participating in 24in48 during 20-21 July! This is one of my favourite readathons in the world because it’s the perfect combination of challenging and forgiving. I’m gunning for the full 24 as usual, but probably won’t manage it because I’m easily distracted…

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